(part 1.) Lessons learned and summary: Don’t make the same stupid mistakes like we did, plan carefully so that you know what’s ahead. Minimize the chances of getting yourself into trouble Two alternative routes of Alta Via 2 from Lago di Fedaia onwards – 1) longer detour around Marmolada mountain through Malga Ciapella village 2)Continue reading “ALTA VIA 2 DOLOMITES, DAY 5”


You know those moments when something annoying happens but after a while it turns out that it was actually for good? Like when you are awaken in the middle of the night by your uncompromising bladder and you have to crawl out of your warm sleeping bag into the cold dark night…Well, that sucks! ButContinue reading “BULHARSKO, DAY 5”


It’s time to say good bye to the Old Hut and to the Sedemte Ezera Hut. Next stop – Maljovica Hut. Before we reach it, we will have to descend and ascend back up to 2,050 m.a.s.l. The day is spectacular. Perhaps a little bit too hot. We keep sinking down the valley. Soon theContinue reading “BULHARSKO, DAY 3”


Sharing the campsite with the White Brotherhood was a surprisingly pleasant experience. Everyone was quiet and considerate of the others. Therefore we decided to spend another night at the Old Hut. Afterall, it’s so beautiful in here…. Since the early morning we witnessed a crowd of White Brothers dressed in white habits climbing the hill.Continue reading “BULGARIA, DAY 2”

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Hold me fast, hold me fast cause I am a hope less ful wanderer… Mumford and Sons & Tytyna Who hides behind “Hopeful Wanderer”? Just a girl who likes to walk… Through the forest, across the meadow, jumping over her own shadow. In the mountains, in the field, who knows what will get revealed? InContinue reading “About me”


We finished off yesterday with a substantial dinner at a very non-touristic place (Mister Uli), which was also recommended to us by our host. In short, the evening went like this: searching for the place, getting lost, finding the place, entering, strong feeling of “not fitting in”, taking a seat, plastic table-cloth, hand-written menu –Continue reading “BULGARIA, DAY 1”


Key lessons learned and trip summary: It rains…even in dry Sierra Nevada Pack enough food! The calorie outtake is huge and the hunger will come Useful phrase: “¿Hay alguien por aquí?” (“Is anyone here?)” I’m asleep – dreaming. I have a dream that I’m taking a hot shower. Ooooh…how enjoyable. Wait….But something’s wrong. As I’mContinue reading “GR240 – SULAYR, DAY 5”


Key lessons learned and trip summary: The sun rises quite late in October (between 8-9 am¨) Don’t expect communication in English here. Even at the tourist information centre they did not speak English “Coto privado de caza” = “private hunting ground” I open my eye. It’s pitch-dark again and the moon is shining bright aboveContinue reading “GR240 – SULAYR, DAY 4”


Lessons learned and trip summary: Even in October, the weather can get crazy hot here Beware of vipers! Useful phrase: “¿Puede/puedes darnos agua, por favor?” (“Can you give us some water, please?)” This morning I feel way better than after the first night – rested and refreshed. I had a good night sleep except forContinue reading “GR240 – SULAYR, DAY 3”


„We’re here!!“ I grin at Thomas and take three hesitant steps to get out of the bus. My knees are buckling slightly under the weight of my backpack. It is 16th October, 2019 and we have just arrived to a small mountain village – Pampaneira. From there we will shortly continue to a neighbouring villageContinue reading “GR240 – SULAYR, DAY 0”