About me

Hold me fast, hold me fast cause I am a hope less ful wanderer…

Mumford and Sons & Myself

Who hides behind “Hopeful Wanderer”?

Just a girl who likes to walk…
Through the forest, across the meadow,
jumping over her own shadow.
In the mountains, in the field,
who knows what will get revealed? 
In the mud and in the snow, 
only that way she can glow.
Up the hill and down the hill, 
that really gives her a thrill.
Left and right, ahead and back, 
she just never wants to quit the trek...

Hi, I’m Kristýna or also Tytyna and I would like to warmly welcome to my blog!

How did it all begin?

“Above all, an experience has to be intense”

Unnamed high-school professor

How does a girl who only likes to walk through shopping malls turn into an outdoor enthusiast? All it took was overnight hike into the forest to which my boyfriend – Thomas took me when I was around 15 years old. That night was probably one of the scariest and least comfortable nights I have ever experienced but it lit a sparkle in me regardless – a sparkle of passion. Passion for the fresh forest air, pebbles in the shoes and instant meals at the sunset.

We slept at a very odd campsite back then in the forests above a Czech village called Řevnice. There were remains of a tramp camp with fireplace and blood-red sign on the adjacent rock – “The slaves of memories“. In addition, there were many big wooden crosses standing nearby – basically the place looked like a (symbolical?) cemetery. The crosses were there to commemorate the tramps. Each had a photograph and marker with few words about the person. In the daylight, it looked still OK and so we decided to stay. I remember trying to convince myself that the place actually has a positive vibe, that those tramps must have loved it there and that they certainly created many nice memories there….

I didn’t sleep a wink that night. Firstly, there was a hornet nest right above our heads. Secondly, we run out of water and I was incredibly thirsty. And lastly, I was blinking into the darkness fearfully with my eyes wide open, listening to the sticks cracking all around the campsite. It seemed like someone walking around the campsite in half-circles…constantly. Sure, animals…one would think. But animals which didn’t run away when I rustled with my sleeping bag? When I turned on the light? Not even when I spoke up?

Even today after all those years and additional experience with sleeping outside, the memory of this particular night gives me the creeps….lt was unusually noisy out there.

I know what you’re thinking….how the heck could an experience like this awaken a desire to sleep in the forest in ANYONE? Well, I’m asking myself the same question 😀 But it did…I found out that for me, it is a source of intense experience (no matter whether beautiful or perhaps a bit scary one) and that beating the discomfort and testing my own limits is very powerful and satisfying.

What will you find here?

Mainly a taste of how I see the world – either through my travel diary or through photography. Apart from travel experience (beautiful discoveries, struggles, stumbles and funny moments), I like to throw in also some useful information about the trails we hiked. I hope that you will find my blog useful while planning your own adventures and that perhaps you even will have some fun reading it.

So come and take a walk with me…

Disclaimer: Please note that I’m not an English native speaker, so please excuse any mistakes or linguistic imperfections that may catch your eye. Always happy to improve, so any correction or suggestion will be highly appreciated. Just let me know. Thank you.

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